Inspired The Kate Spade Spring

Inspired The Kate Spade Spring

With its most current line, Kate Spade New York has a small client at the top of the priority list. In the wake of growing the brand, once known exclusively for its satchels, to incorporate prepared to-wear, gems, tech embellishments, and home merchandise, childrenswear is a coherent augmentation. All things considered, it’s a fitting match for a line whose brilliant hues, capricious examples, and sweet subtle elements declare guiltlessness.

Planner Deborah Lloyd, who’s filled in as president and boss imaginative officer since the 2007 takeoff of author Kate Spade, is excited by what she sees as a characteristic following stage for the developing organization. “Our presentation kids’ gathering is brimming with brilliant hues, perky prints, and enchanting subtle elements that grasp the soul of Kate Spade New York that our clients know and love,” she says. Enter pieces in the range reflect features from the ladies’ gathering, similar to a full botanical skirt, a highly contrasting striped gathering dress, a hot-pink coat with a bow on the neckline, and a sparkle encrusted travel bag.

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Tis the season: In creating “pieces that catch the eye,” Lloyd utilizes the brighter palettes and floral motifs of spring and summer.

For Lloyd, who came to the company after leading teams at Banana Republic and Burberry, Kate Spade New York’s evolution has been about catering to the style of a very well-defined vision of the woman who wears it. “The brand has really grown while still keeping true to its DNA. We love bright colors, bold prints, and a sense of humor balanced with chic sophistication,” she explains. “We think about the Kate Spade New York girl in all aspects of her life and want to design pieces that she can wear to work, out to dinner, or on her weekend adventures. We want to be a part of her home when she decorates and entertains. The launch of childrenswear was a natural progression for us as a lifestyle brand.”

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There’s no shortage of these Kate Spade girls in Philadelphia, Lloyd insists. “I see Philadelphia as a cosmopolitan city with a rich history. There are certainly Kate Spade New York girls in Philadelphia—she is culturally curious and loves adventure. She wants to look polished but is not afraid to have a little bit of fun with fashion,” she says.

In the line’s spring and summer offerings, the notion of fun with fashion adopts a wild spirit. “The Spring 2015 collection was inspired by the idea of escaping the ordinary. I liked the idea of stepping away from the hectic pace of everyday life and retreating into the calm and simple surroundings of nature. The collection was inspired by the colors, patterns, and textures found all around, from lush florals to pools of water.” Spring splendor can be seen in abundance in the collection’s bold, joyful prints and quirky accessories.

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