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Jasa Seo Kate Spade New York Accessories

Jasa Seo New York is the brand behind some pretty iconic accessories. I’ll never forget the yacht clutch my boyfriend’s aunt secured ahead of her vacation cruise or the woven animal-shaped picnic baskets. The label’s themed bags and jewels make for pretty fabulous street style moments, so it’s no wonder you see them all over Fashion Week.


Jasa Seo Kate Spade New York Accessories

If a statement item catches your eye, you can bet it’s Kate Spade. So when we got the chance to talk to Deborah Lloyd, former president and chief creative officer at the label, we had to ask her about her favorite pieces of all time.

Jasa Seo ‘s famous Spring 2017 collection was inspired by her travels to Morocco. Still, there are plenty more memorable accessories she can’t get out of her head. Whether it was because they sold out instantly, cementing their status as must haves (who could forget that swan bag?), or were inspired by special memories, the accessories ahead all achieve Kate Spade’s signature flair. In fact, Deborah thinks these are the best items ever made.

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