Miss Piggy on Her New Modeling Gig for Kate Spade New York

Miss Piggy on Her New Modeling Gig for Kate Spade New York

Miss Piggy, the most in vogue Muppet, is back on the mold scene — this time as the new star of Kate Spade New York’s vacation battle.

The infamous P.I.G., who stars nearby model Jourdan Dunn in the battle, additionally propelled an accumulation of garments and extras for the unconventional brand, running from $48 to $378, including Miss Piggy’s face and mark saying: “Who, moi?”

“I don’t have a clue about some other model who gets their picture embellished on the same number of pieces of attire and purchaser merchandise,” Miss Piggy tells PEOPLE amid a sit-down meeting about the gathering at the Kate Spade New York home office. “What’s more, who wouldn’t have any desire to bear a tote or a wallet with moi’s face?”

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Some portion of Piggy’s gig likewise included Kate Spade New York fashioner Deborah Lloyd making looks particularly intended to fit her, which excited the Muppet. “I give the motivation and she furnishes me with a considerable measure of free garments, which is extraordinary,” Miss Piggy says of her association with Lloyd. “It’s a match made in paradise.”

And Miss Piggy loves the designs. “There’s plenty off the rack that would fit moi, I’m sure,” she says. “But it’s wonderful to have something specially made for vous. I only wear couture. And I love all the pops of color. It’s not drab everyday wear. It’s all these sparkle. The clothes are alive, just like me!”

As for the campaign, she says modeling came easy to her. “I’ve graced the covers of many magazines, including your very own,” she says (see above, from People in 1979). “The secret is to never doubt yourself. That’s pretty easy, don’t you think. Just don’t do the opposite.”

So, is her on-again, off-again boy toy Kermit the Frog supportive of her new project? “He doesn’t support me,” says Miss Piggy. “I’m an independent woman. I don’t need support from a frog.”

Plus, she is doing something he has never done before, she adds: “I have to put on clothes,” she said. “That is something Kermit has never really learned how to do, though that hasn’t stopped him, I guess.”

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